Best Beaches In South France That Are A Great Getaway

By Ketki Hanamshet on Mar 04, 2020
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South of France is a large geographical area that enjoys a long coastline along the Mediterranean as well as the Atlantic Sea. Undoubtedly it is dotted with a plethora of beaches that exhibit a personality of their own. Roaming across South France, you can visit some glamorous beaches as well as relax on some remote sandy stretches like Calanque d’En Vau. Take a look at these top beaches in South France that have been carefully picked amongst many, only to lead you to a beautiful vacation destination. 

1. Porquerolles Beaches 

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When in the South of France, you must make your way towards Porquerolles Island for it is here that you will find the most secluded beaches. The island itself is undeveloped and has an 1800’s village apart from the lovely beaches. Plage Notre Dame, Plage de la Courtade, and Plage d'Argent are a few great beaches of Porquerolles. Featuring a stretch of soft white sand and calm turquoise waters, these beaches are ideal to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Lie on the beach to catch some tan, swim in the waters to your heart’s content, or go sailing into the waters to have a memorable day out on the Porquerolles beaches.     

2. La Plage Centrale, Argelès-sur-Mer 

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Pack your parasol and make your way towards La Plage Centrale at the earliest for this is one of the busiest beaches in South France. Find a perfect spot on the coarse sandy beach and spread your beach towel to enjoy some quality sunbathing time. This beach is a bustling hub of activity where you will come across a number of shops and stalls that sell a variety of items. The beach is equipped with lifeguards making it very safe to take a dip in the waters.  

3. La Paloma, Alpes-Maritimes 

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Paloma Beach is an ideal place to visit for those looking forward to enjoying a luxurious vacation. This private beach is a little piece of paradise and is great to spend some time in peace and solitude. With water being crystal clear and home to plenty of marine life, snorkelers have a blast at La Paloma. To have a memorable vacation, you can also opt for a sailboat ride or enjoy the view of pretty sailboats bobbing on the calm waves.    

4. Calanque d’En Vau, Bouches-du-Rhône 

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Backed by stunning rugged white cliffs and facing waters that come in all shades of blue, Calanque d'En-vau is a beach that defines jaw-dropping beauty. As it can be reached only by a boat or by hiking along a trail, it is said to be one of the remote beaches in South France. It is a part of Calanque d'En Vau National Park and unlike other South France beaches that are sandy, this is a rocky beach. While hiking along the nearby trails is a common activity amongst beach lovers here, you can also indulge in mountain climbing, swimming, and snorkeling.  

5. Plage de Valras, Hérault 

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Located along the coastline of a small commune called Valras-Plage, the beach of Plage de Valras is a very family-friendly destination to visit. It is a wide sandy stretch with sweeping views of the sea. As the water is shallow and the sea being comparatively calm, it is safe for kids as well as adults to splash and swim in the waters. You can also build sandcastles here or catch up on a game of beach volleyball. There is a promenade that runs along the beach, ideal for a leisurely stroll on a pleasant evening.  

6. Marinières Beach, Villefranche-sur-Mer 

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Marinières Beach may seem to be an urban beach, but it has managed to stay away from all the commercialization. Located in the commune of Villefranche-sur-Mer, this tranquil beach is considered to be a great option to the other beaches in Nice. Running long for about a kilometer, it has some rocky outcrops where visitors love to sit and bask in the sunlight. Since the water here is crystal clear and the beach is equipped with lifeguards, it is safe to go swimming at Marinières Beach.  

7. Plage des Chalets, Narbonne 

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Plage des Chalets might be well-known amongst many French vacationers, but it continues to be a hidden gem for most of the outsiders. Calm, clean, and pleasant define this beach’s vibes, attracting beach lovers to it all year round. The beach is a tiny piece of heaven, especially for book lovers as there are a number of chalets here that offer books free for exchange. So grab a book, sprawl on the beach, and have a memorable day out by the sea.    

8. Point Zero beach, La Grande-Motte 

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Calm blue sea, soft pearl sand, and relaxing laid back vibes are what make Point Zero Beach worth-visiting in La Grand-Motte of South France. Right from families with kids to newlywed couples, this beach is a favorite amongst all. One of the best parts of this beach is that you can go swimming far inside the sea here, although the necessary precaution is always recommended. There is also amusement near the beach to keep the kids occupied for hours together. During your visit to the beach, do not forget to visit the shops nearby to buy some beach souvenirs. 

9. Palombaggia Beach, Corsica 

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Palombaggia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the South of France. The lovely stretch of soft sand faces azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and takes away your breath with the scenic beauty it is bestowed with. Snorkeling and a few other water sports are quite popular amongst visitors here. While you can laze around on the soft white sand, you can also sit on the red rocky outcrops at the beach and be surrounded by water. Being a well-known beach in Corsica, you will find the beach to be pretty crowded which you can avoid by visiting in the off-season. 

10. Sète Beaches 

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Enjoying a long 12-kilometer coastline, Sète proves to be one of the best beach destinations in South France. Marked by a number of beaches, many tourists visit this commune in hopes of a memorable vacation by the sea. Being a working port, Sète is always bustling with visitors, but the beaches are surprisingly always quiet and secluded. Backed by lush greenery and presenting unparalleled views of the sea, the Sète Beaches are truly blessed with ample natural beauty. Plage Baleine, Plage du Lazaret, and Plage de la Corniche are a few of the beaches that you can visit here. 

While enough consideration was put in while curating this list of the top beaches in South France, there are several other sandy stretches that are worth visiting. Palavas-Les-Flots, Pampelonne Beach, Donnant Beach, Vias Beach, Argelès North, and Deauville Beach are a few other South France beaches that you can consider unwinding at.      

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